Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As mentioned before, I am certified to teach women’s self-defense courses from the Women’s Empowerment Series, also collectively called the Fight Like a Girl method. I currently offer two of the modules; the Fight Like A Girl and Girls on Guard courses, with plans to add Defense against Weapons and Weapons for Women courses later this summer.

I’ve had lots of questions regarding the details of the course content. To quote a friend, “Suzanne, what am I going to learn in your seminars and how are they different than the other self-defense class being offered?” To which I responded “Good question, let me sum up.” Though she didn’t get the Princess Bride reference, she did get a better understanding of why this method of women's self-defense is like no other and totally kicks butt. (I would have used a stronger word there, but my Mom reads this blog) Anyway, she kindly listened as I expounded the virtues of The Women’s Empowerment Series, then promptly mentioned I should have this on my blog. (Duh, Suzanne.)

So here you go, a condensed version of what my friend heard. Though I did add in a bit of background information here that she didn’t get. I told her she would have to read the blog. Heh.

So here’s the thing. 1 in 4 women will be attacked in her lifetime. Yes, you read that right – 25% of women will be attacked in their lifetime. 75% of the women will know their attacker. Pretty sobering statistics, aren’t they?

On the flip side, studies show that 50 % of all attackers will break off the attack if a woman even indicates she is willing to resist. That’s right, you double your chances of success when you fight back. Studies also show that women who resist an attacker are not injured any more than women who don’t resist. Now, I’m sure some of you reading the first line closely thought “hmmm, but what about the other 50% of attackers.” Well done. That is what we need to address; that other 50%.

Most self-defense methods were developed by men with the mindset of “if someone were to attack me what would I do?” Though an excellent question, the responses are, by definition, based on what a man would to if attacked by a man. Frequently these moves rely on pain compliance – hurting the attacker until he stops the attack, or they are based on break and escape techniques. And yes, these moves can be effective. For men. For women, not so much.

Have you ever tried to break the grasp of a large man holding your wrist, even just in fun? I have. Didn’t work. And I practice Tae Kwon Do. The problem? Compared to most men I’m small and not nearly as strong. And I was using self-defense methods developed by men to combat other men. What I needed to be utilizing were self-defense moves for women to combat a man.

Women have different strengths then men. Taking these strengths into account and implementing them is how the Fight Like A Girl method of women’s self-defense was developed. That’s why the play on words. In our seminars to Fight Like A Girl is a smart strategy to employ a woman’s strengths to a tactical advantage.

When a man attacks a man it is usually for his money or his life. When a man attacks a woman it can be for her money, life or her body. Women have a whole different set of concerns that men don’t have to deal with. Concerns that we deal with in the Women's Empowerment Self-Defense seminars.

In the opening paragraph I said this method kicks butt. Here’s why, with bullet points:

►This is a women’s self-defense method geared towards the average woman. You DO NOT need to be a martial artist to take these classes. (However, if you are a martial artist, it will add nicely to your training. It did mine.)

►Speaking (earlier) of my Mom; she took the FLAG class and fought off our 255 pound male role-player (“bad guy”). She’s just over 5 feet tall and, well… let’s just say, older. (I don’t think she would like it if I gave out her age to the interwebs.)

►The moves are easy to learn, easy to retain, and easy to implement. At the end of the 3 hour seminar you will walk away with a practical method of self-defense that you have learned in a controlled environment and utilized against a male role-playing attacker – the “bad guy” that is easy to remember in high stress situations.

►And speaking of the ‘bad guy’… at the end of each seminar you will get to practice what you have learned FULL CONTACT and using FULL STRENGTH on our "bad guy" who will be wearing a very thick padded protective suit. For some reason, this is the part of the class participants seem to enjoy the most. (And yes, I know, I should charge extra just for this.)

►These methods teach a woman to use her natural strengths against a man’s inherent weaknesses

►These are women's only seminars. No men will be in the room, except the male role-playing attacker.

►The program provide women the tools and knowledge they need to gain the best chance of effectively defending themselves from sexual assault.

►You will be taught by me, a woman.

So now you have a little more information about what to expect in the Women’s Empowerment Self-Defense courses. Every woman should take these seminars. Let me repeat; every woman should take these seminars.

And speaking of that…we are pretty flexible with the scheduling. We sometimes get big groups who are interested in taking a seminar and will schedule based on when the most women from that group can attend. We also have a running list of women interested in attending and once we get enough people on the list we offer a seminar. We can teach the class with as little as one person (though it is better with more) and up to 20 people. So call or email me and sign up.

You have one life. Fight for it.