Women are talking about self-defense...

"I took your class 3 weeks ago with my daughter. We are very grateful. Thank you. I am working on promoting you because I have learned a lot and agree that all women should be taking your class."

"It helped me take the fear and nightmares away (from being assaulted) and replace them with a 'Don't screw with me' attitude".

"Thanks for putting on the seminar for my niece  She had a great time and learned so much. You're awesome!"

“It was fun, easy to learn, and effective!”

“I felt I really learned a lot in the class. I was nervous about practicing with your male attacker, but found once I tried it I felt much better about my ability to use the moves. I feel more self-confident already!”

"My co-worker and her daughter were in your seminar and they highly recommend it."

“Empowerment in 3 short hours. Sweet.”

"Your class kicks ass! Bad guy ass!"

“I’m surprised you’re not charging more for the opportunity to beat up your male instructor. That was the best part of class.”

“At 69 years old and 5 foot tall, I was stunned at my ability to successfully defend against your 255 pound ‘bad guy’. Great class, thank you.”

"My wife just got home from the self-defense seminar and told me she absolutely loved it and felt it was a valuable experience for her and our daughter. I selected you/your course from others I found through online searches mainly for two reasons: 1 - I liked how you described your approach and the unique techniques/strategies you employ, and 2 - the fact that it is run by a woman for women. I had contacted a couple of other companies but did not have the same good feeling about their courses as I did from you, regarding what would be taught and how it would be taught. Thank you very much for doing what you do."

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