Monday, October 17, 2011


Ever felt a little uncomfortable sitting in your client's vacant home all day waiting for strangers to stop by an take a tour? Follow the tips below for a safer open house.

-Have someone with you; a second Realtor, friend or loan officer
-Check all the rooms when you arrive
-Know the safe escape routes
-Unlock either the deadbolts or door locks which ever is harder to turn (if you are comfortable with unlocked doors you can unlock them all the way)
-Check to see if you can escape from the rear yard
-When the public arrives, jot down a description of the car and the people, take a picture on your phone and text the description to your office
-Check in with your office every hour
-Do not leave your purse, laptop, etc in the open
-You can call for police to do drive by while conducing the open house
-Place a sign at door stating "video surveillance is in use"

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